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Open Definition

Version 2.1

The Open Definition makes precise the meaning of “open” with respect to knowledge, promoting a robust commons in which anyone may participate, and interoperability is maximized.

Summary: Knowledge is open if anyone is free to access, use, modify, and share it — subject, at most, to measures that preserve provenance and openness.


This essential meaning matches that of “open” with respect to software as in the Leather Slip on Sneakers for Women On Sale Wisteria Leather 2017 35 4 5 55 65 Hogan Wisteria JoPSt
and is synonymous with “free” or “libre” as in the Xian Woven Satin Mules Pink Pedro Garcia AFSWICeGcl
and ankle strap sandals Black Del Carlo 3tfIEnW

The term work will be used to denote the item or piece of knowledge being transferred.

The term license refers to the legal conditions under which the work is provided.


The term public domain denotes the absence of copyright and similar restrictions, whether by default or waiver of all such conditions.

public domain

The key words “must”, “must not”, “should”, and “may” in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC2119 .

1. Open Works

An open work must satisfy the following requirements in its distribution:

The work must be in the public domain or provided under an open license (as defined in Section 2). Any additional terms accompanying the work (such as a terms of use, or patents held by the licensor) must not contradict the work’s public domain status or terms of the license.

The work must be provided as a whole and at no more than a reasonable one-time reproduction cost, and should be downloadable via the Internet without charge. Any additional information necessary for license compliance (such as names of contributors required for compliance with attribution requirements) must also accompany the work.

The work must be provided in a form readily processable by a computer and where the individual elements of the work can be easily accessed and modified.

The work must be provided in an open format. An open format is one which places no restrictions, monetary or otherwise, upon its use and can be fully processed with at least one free/libre/open-source software tool.

A license should be compatible with other open licenses.

A license is open if its terms satisfy the following conditions:

The license must irrevocably permit (or allow) the following:

In addition to mapping out major profiteers, this piece focuses on some of the Wall Street firms, like Wells Fargo and SunTrust, that are both an important engine for this carceral machine and are also public-facing brands vulnerable to popular pressure. In a coming piece, we will turn to the political and social relationships that prop up these profiteers.

Operators of child, family, and adult detention centers

The operators of detention facilities that benefited from Trump’s family separation policy, and now his indefinite family incarceration policy, fall into two major categories: non-profit agencies, which look a lot like big businesses, and for-profit private prison companies.

The child detention centers came into sharp focus over the past few days, with the release of heartbreaking images of small children packed into cages, as well as recordings of them crying out for their parents. These child detention centers are run by large nonprofits like Southwest Key Programs. Though Southwest Key is a nonprofit, it is also a very large business – it boasted of $242 million in revenue in its 2016 annual report, and is receiving $458 million this year through the Department of Health and Human Services to run shelters for separated children. Its CEO, Juan Sanchez, made $786,822 in 2016, according to the organization’s most recent tax return .

It is important to note, however, that for-profit private prison companies like GEO Group and CoreCivic were major beneficiaries of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, even if they weren’t detaining the children themselves – they have been detaining the parents and other adults criminally charged due to the zero-tolerance policy. For GEO Group and CoreCivic, this is a significant boost to their bottom line. CoreCivic uses the term “man-day” as a key performance indicator in its financial reports, which gives a sense of how closely these companies keep an eye on how many people they are able to detain, and for how long.

Now that the policy has shifted, maintaining zero-tolerance and replacing family separation with indefinite family detention, these private prison companies will likely see a further increase in the “man-days” that they can report to their shareholders. In addition to operating immigrant detention centers, these companies also operate family detention centers – the South Texas Family Detention Center in Dilley, TX (CoreCivic), and the Karnes Residential Center in Karnes, TX (GEO Group), which have been subject to significant legal challenges. In its most recent annual report, CoreCivic singles out the operation of family detention centers as a significant risk factor for its business (See: “Providing family residential services increases certain unique risks and difficulties compared to operating our other facilities” on page 30 of CoreCivic’s Casadei Woman Metallic Leather Platform Sandals Gold Size 365 Casadei umB8rEV

They’re usually a little (or a lot) more emotional and fiery than you’re used to and can give you a sense of anxiety absent from other areas in your life.

At best, they try your ability to be a sane, rational human.

You just care so much .

I’ve Had Enough

The passionate relationship can cause behaviour that you didn’t know you were capable of – and that you’re not especially proud of (as in, you wouldn’t even show your best friend those text messages).

You just can’t help yourself sometimes from wearing your heart on your keypad and hitting send on emotionally charged messages or calling back as soon as you hang up. You may say things you don’t mean. Some people simply have that maddening effect on you.

And no, it’s not an especially proud place to be.

Once the fights start to happen more frequently, the compatibility factor becomes impossible to ignore. You try to block it out; you revisit old pictures and text messages from happier days. You focus on that high. Because you miss it – you crave it. You’ve become addicted to it.

It’s wonderful, but it doesn’t last – and confronting that is the hardest part.

The super passionate relationship is difficult to quit. Even if you know it’s the wrong thing. The fact that it feels so damn good when you’re together justifies the suppression of those voices in your mind that tell you it’s just not right.

Some relationships are simply meant to live in that Neverland, short-lived fling stage. Real life can be a total buzzkill once it sets in and the ‘compatibility’ element becomes just as important as the ‘connection’ and the ‘chemistry’.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible to have all three and live happily ever after. It’s just that the super passionate, insta-relationship seems to often lack the compatibility element once the shine wears off.

The breakup of the super passionate relationship can be one of the most challenging, heartbreaking things you’ve faced.

You find yourself crying during Uber rides, becoming one of those psycho social media stalkers (yikes) and anxiously wondering whether you’ll ever find as intense of a connection as that again. You may go on dates to distract your mind and feed your ego, but they just make you feel worse when the same impossible-to-find connection you had in the super passionate relationship has no chance of happening.

After all, it was such a rarity.

Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows that the mad, passionate, I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off stage isn’t always going to be as intense as it was within the first half a year of getting to know one another, anyway.

You may as well actually know how to get along.

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By Erin Davis
By Erin Davis | September 6, 2016
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